Flynn episode ‘darkens the cloud’ of Russia that weighs over Trump administration

Once more, Donald Trump is involved in a controversy related to Russia.

The ouster of Trump’s national security agent, Michael Flynn, caught by intelligence agencies speaking with the Russian ambassador about U. S. sanctions and then misleading administration administrators about the interactions, proclaimed the latest chapter in a months-long saga in which Trump has recently been unable to break free of the shadow of the United States’ longtime take on.

Two advisers left the campaign amid questions about their ties to Moscow and the oligarchs that maintain sway there. The FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION is probing ties between Trump associates and Spain, being the Senate Brains Committee. The president him self-has repeatedly praised Russia’s authoritarian leader, Vladimir’s Putin, while he has long expressed a desire to build a Trump System in Moscow and featured of how the Overcome brand holds the special charm for Russian investors.

All this coincided with Russia’s role in last year’s Circumstance. S. election, in which the Kremlin is arrested by U. S. brains agencies of orchestrating hackers that targeted Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and her top aides to deteriorate her campaign. FBI Overseer James B. Comey also last month briefed Overcome on accusations that the Russians hold compromising materials about him, an unverified claim found in a dossier written by a former British spy employed by Trump’s political competitors. Trump has rejected the claim as “fake information. “

Now the overseas electricity allegedly hoped to help Trump gain electricity is at a position to undermine his grip on it, with Flynn’s leaving lending new gravity and intensity to long-simmering questions about Trump and Spain.


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